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What does "Made to Order" mean?

Some of our tees and apparel are made just for you! That means they are not printed until you order them. Once you place an order, the shirt is sent to production, printed, then shipped straight to your door. Fulfillment time varies so check the product listing if you're unsure.


How is my shirt printed?

Made to Order shirts are printed using a direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method. The shirt is laid flat and a big printer prints the design directly onto the fabric. DTG inks are eco-friendly and water-based. They feel very soft on the shirt, like your favorite tee!


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

In-house stickers (indicated in the product description) ship out within 1-2 business days.

Made to Order Tees may take up to 2 weeks for fulfillment.


Why does the ink on the shirt smell weird?

If you ordered a Made to Order tee, it might smell a little like vinegar.This is the DTG ink reacting with the tee fabric, so sometimes a strong odor is present when you remove the tee from its packaging. Don't worry! The smell goes away completely after the first wash.


Why is there a yellow-ish stain around the design?

If you ordered a Made to Order tee, sometimes the printing method leaves yellow-ish impressions on the shirt. Don't worry! These will go away completely after the first wash.


Only part of my order arrived. Where is the rest?

If you ordered a Made to Order item it will ship separately from the items we keep in stock. 

Expect multiple shipments with tracking for each. 

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