Created unique on this earth,

raised in a colorful world.



An awakened creative with a helping heart.

Hello There! I fall in with the masses, a face hidden behind a computer at your local coffee shop.

A frequent customer so much that more than two staff members know my drink orders (Yes, plural), the girl sitting

in her corner booth (or a table in the middle if I'm feeling social!).

Born and raised in Nebraska meant being close to a lot of family.

An artist great grandfather and creative mother led to a life full of imagination and an artistic brain.

An entrepreneur Grandfather, Aunt, Parents and Sister meant that I was encouraged to always travel my own path too.

I believe that good design should be a part of your story, people matter,
and creativity goes best with kindness and a smile.


Cheers, Mandy



Sevn | We are surrounded by stunning and inspiring creation. It is something to admire and draw from.

The 'Sevn' comes from the biblical reference, World's creation in seven days. In this case, the days of creation are not meant to be taken as a literal measurement of time but a measurement of learning one day to the next. We continue to grow from what we are open to seeing and experiencing.

Spero | A word with so much meaning to me it became a tattoo for me to be reminded of every day.

"Dum Spiro Spero" is a Latin phrase, meaning "While I breathe, I hope." It's a reminder that no matter what life throws at you- you must have hope. Hope is open to the possibility of rising, falling, changes, and challenges. We have the power and choice to make each day what it should be.



"If you're looking to bring your vision or idea to life through graphic design, look no further than Mandy Peterson & SevnSpero.  For many years the ministries I've worked with have benefited from her professional design work, time and time again.  From a simple idea, to a specific direction, every time the options brought back more that exceed our hopes and expectations.  I cannot think of anyone else I'd want to trust with creating the graphics behind all of our projects."



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